Course Information

Our course was designed and laid out by James Braid in conjunction with Major Cecil Hutchison and is constructed on parkland with excellent turf giving it some of the finest fairways around.

By modern standards it is not a long course, 5924 yards with a standard scratch score of 69 off the white tees, but there are a number of holes which will provide a challenge to golfers of all abilities. The greens are well manicured and require a high level of putting skill.

Our signature hole is the 11th, a par 3 of 182 yards from the White tees, where you play to a long narrow green which is well guarded by banking and bunkers on the right and a large tree on the left. Club selection is very important and varies depending on the position of the flag and the weather conditions.

The name of the 11th is Ben Ledi and the reason is obvious on a clear day when you drive towards the mountain which is framed by the trees around the green.

Whatever your daily golfing fortunes the scenic beauty of the course and its panoramic views are always there for you to enjoy.


Par 4 - 325yds

A short but tricky opening hole. You drive onto a fairway the slopes from left to right with 2 bunkers awaiting the slightly offline drive on the right.

The fairway is protected on both sides by trees and the green although quite flat is guarded by a bunker on the left and a steep bank if you miss the green on the right. A true James Braid designed hole.

Try to keep your drive on the left side of the fairway. This will help you avoid the bunkers and give you a more level stance for an easier approach shot to the green.


Par 4 420yds

Possibly the toughest hole on the course for Gents.
The fairway kicks slightly right so a drive favouring the left side is advised. Take one club more on the approach shot as it plays longer due to its slightly elevated position.


Par 3 190yds

A par 3 that plays longer than the yardage on the card. All the trouble is in front so make sure you have enough club. It is also a two tier green so check the sign on the tee to identify which level the pin is on.


Par 4 294yds

This is a classic par 4 which is drivable by long hitters but be aware of the out of bound on the left as it is close to the green.
Bunkers on the left and right protect the green and are also waiting for an errant tee or second shot.


Par 4 357yds

This hole is downhill all the way. Avoid going down the right hand side as the rough can take your ball. A new swale had been added in front of the green which demands a well struck shot to reach the green.
The green is also guarded by two bunkers on either side of the greens and be careful not to go too long with your approach as trees and deep rough await.


Par 5 504yds

This is a good par 5. The fairway slopes left to right so you need to aim left but be aware that 2 bunkers are waiting for long drives.
The second shot is blind over the top of the hill with large bunkers on the left and a small bunker to the right guarding the green.


Par 3 162yds

This is the second of our tricky par 3's with trouble to the left and right. Take enough club to reach the elevated green and play for the centre. The green slopes back to front which should be remembered when putting.


Par 4 424yds

The 8th is a great par 4 and a tough test if you don't hit a good drive.
A drive down the left side of the fairway is essential to avoid kicking right into the rough or bunker.
The entrance to the green is small and guarded by bunkers.


Par 4 383yds

This is a difficult dog leg to an elevated green. Your drive should keep to the right half of the fairway to avoid your second shot being blocked out by trees. Club choice for your shot to the green should be enough to avoid the trouble at the front of the green. The banking at the back of the green may return approach shots that are just too long.


Par 4 402yds

A downhill par four to a re-modelled approach and green. A good drive down the right hand side of the fairway can set up a birdie opportunity.
The green is difficult to hold with the approach shot so the best play is to the middle of the green.


Par 3 182yds

The third of our par 3's and also our signature hole 'Ben Ledi'. The target is a narrow green forty-four yards long which is guarded by bunkers along the right hand side and out of bounds on the left. Club selection is critical depending on flag position and wind direction.


Par 4 375yds

A good uphill hole with a significant dog-leg to the left that requires a good drive to the right hand side of the large tree. The generous green accepts your approach shot.


Par 4 372yds

This is a tough hole where a straight tee shot is a must. The second shot is to a narrow, well guarded two-tier green.


Par 3 161yds

A beautiful, short par 3 with amazing views of the surrounding hills. It has a large, flat green that a good shot should always find. Don't be short or left as the short shot will kick into a pot bunker and left could lead to out of of bounds or a difficult 2nd shot.


Par 4 322yds

This hole is drivable if you are a long hitter but if you miss to the left you are left with a tricky chip. A birdie can be made by laying up into the 50-100 yard range. The fairway slopes considerably from right to left.


Par 3 194yds

Our last par 3 which is a great hole. You must aim for the left half of the green as banking on the left will help your ball back towards the green if you pull your shot. A miss to the right will mean a really tricky pitch shot back to the green. A deep bunker guards the front half of the green.


Par 4 363yds

A slight dog-leg to the right with a blind tee shot over a hill which slopes severely right to left. A good drive will set up a straight forward approach shot which can lead to a birdie.


Par 5 491yds

A picturesque finishing hole which is a favourite with many members. It is a short par 5 with a straight forward tee shot. Approaching via the right hand side will prevent shots kicking to the left and getting blocked out by trees.