Corona Virus Members Update No1 17March 2020
Conona Virus Members Update No1 17March202
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Dear Member & Staff Member

The situation around Coronavirus (COVID-19) has evolved significantly in recent days, with the World Health Organisation confirming the outbreak as a pandemic and the UK Government moving from the ‘containment’ to ‘delay’ phase.

23% of the DNGC membership roll is aged over 70 and as such it is even more important that we all practice the Government issued guidance detailed below.

Since the outbreak increased hygiene and cleaning protocols have been actioned within the Club.

At 16.45 on 16.3.20 the Government issued even more stringent advice to the general public which directly affects the operation of the Club – specifically ‘everyone should avoid gatherings and crowded places such as pubs, clubs, restaurants & theatres’. In addition, the Government continues to advise the public that going out for exercise at a safe distance from others is a positive & acceptable pursuit.

At 09.30 on 17.3.20 the Board convened an emergency meeting to consider how DNGC should pursue their civic duty in delivering the guidance issued by the Government and to maximise the safety of the membership and Club staff. The following decisions have been made and will be actioned immediately –

• All competitive golf, adult & junior, (with the exception of knockouts) will be suspended, including medal play, open competitions etc – this will be reviewed this week after consultation with the Club Professional - (the season will continue to commence on 28.3.20 but the traditional format of the Captain V Vice Captain will be altered, further information to follow). It is hoped to develop a safe procedure to maintain a sweep within certain days of play, ie., Saturdays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays avoiding contamination by the handling of scorecards and computer registering scores.
• The Clubgolf programme is also suspended after direction by Scottish Golf.
• The course will remain open for social golf and members are asked to carefully read and adhere to the guidance offered below in order to maximise their safety
• The Clubhouse will continue to operate but will be open on a reduced hours basis between 1000 and 1600 hours each day, again specific safety measures as detailed below will be actioned within the Clubhouse.
• All party bookings scheduled within the Clubhouse will be cancelled and further party bookings will not be accepted
• Key staff members will take action to minimise their vulnerability to the virus, i.e. separate working practices and working from home, in order to maximise the business continuity of the Club

The guidance and recommendations referred to in this communication will be continually reviewed in the light of further emerging information becoming known in the following days and weeks. The Board have nominated an Operational Group to review and monitor the Club response on a daily basis and communicate with the membership.

Playing – Social Golf

In order to maximise the safety of players engaged in the pursuit of social golf the following recommendations are made -

• The Club would urge the suspension of the usual etiquette of congratulating and thanking fellow players at the completion of a round by shaking hands, hugging or kissing; alternate methods of meeting this important and traditional playing etiquette should be used i.e.., knuckles or elbow bumping.
• Players should only remove pins using their gloved hand or play with the pin in the hole.
• As you go through a game, players should continue to use a hand sanitiser frequently.

• At tee boxes, fairways, greens and practice area players should exercise social distancing at least 2m from each other.

• Consider leaving found golf balls, and if touching random golf balls do not touch your mouth.

• If you are willing to use a hand sanitiser on your golf glove – do so.

• If you are utilising a golf cart then use an anti-bacterial wipe on the steering wheel, seat and surrounds.

Club Premises & Workplaces

The guidance stresses that responsible persons and employers should start taking the following measures now, even if COVID-19 has not arrived in the communities/areas where they operate and DNGC will pursue this guidance . The Club Manager will be responsible for monitoring the effectiveness
of the measures detailed below and the responsible behaviour of the membership adherence to those
measures -

• Make sure your premises & workplaces are clean and hygienic
• Surfaces (e.g. desks and tables) and objects (e.g. telephones, keyboards) need to be wiped with disinfectant regularly – Club staff and cleaning staff will pursue an increased programme in this regard
• Promote regular and thorough handwashing by employees, contractors and members visiting the Club
• Display posters promoting handwashing
• Furniture will be removed from the lounge and restaurant to increase safety spacing
• DO NOT encourage food sharing. All food must be wrapped if left out for general consumption. Food in staff fridges must be wrapped or in a box.

Communal Kitchens
• Please note all fridges in common areas shall be checked to ensure that no food is left unwrapped
• Anything that is found unwrapped will be binned immediately
• Please do not leave dishes, cups or cutlery unwashed in kitchens – wash your items immediately, dry with a paper towel and then bin it

Common Area Cleaning
• Our cleaning team shall continue to clean door handles, light switches, surfaces etc daily.

Membership & Club Staff

The health and wellbeing of our Club staff and members is paramount and we fully understand that you will be concerned about COVID-19. Please note currently, and as far as we know there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the Club, although there has been a confirmed case and other alerts within the community of Dunblane.

In line with the latest guidance, if you have symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 – a fever or a new persistent cough – however mild, you should stay at home for seven days from the onset of your symptoms. This action will help protect your colleagues and the wider Club community.
Read the latest advice in full on the NHS Inform website. You do not need to call NHS 24 (111) to go into self-isolation, however, if your symptoms worsen, or are no better after seven days, then you should phone your GP or NHS 24 (111). For a medical emergency, dial 999.

Should you, as a member or a staff member develop symptoms or need to self-isolate please can you contact the Club Manager by email directly as soon as possible – This will allow the Club to maintain a dynamic risk assessment for the business and playing implications for the Club.

The Buttercup Cafe @ DNGC have kindly offered to develop a food delivery service to those Club members who are required to self-quarantine themselves as a result of the virus. Procedures are being developed to support this offer at the time of writing this communication to ensure that such a service can be undertaken safely including payment using the Clubcard over the telephone.


The Club would also like to remind you of the importance of good hygiene practice in the efforts to contain COVID-19. We urge every member and staff member to follow the guidance from NHS Inform. For the latest information and guidance on COVID-19, including health and travel advice, please visit:

• NHS Inform website
• Scottish Government Coronavirus guidance website (regular updates are posted at 2pm each day)
• UK Government Foreign Office travel advice website

Health Protection Scotland
• Information and Guidance for Non-Healthcare Settings
Scottish Enterprise Advice Helpline Number for Scottish Businesses
• 0300 303 0660
Thank you in advance for your co-operation, I will update you as and when further information becomes available.

Kind regards

Christopher Spencer
Club Manager

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